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Why hiring a hot tub could be better for you than buying one

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Owning your own hot tub is appealing, but there are several factors to consider before buying a hot tub and we outline why hiring might be better for you.


Buying a hot tub means you have access to a hot tub anytime, whether you want to use it for social reasons, occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries or its relaxation and wellbeing benefits. It also looks great in your garden or on your patio, (providing you have the space) and might have your neighbours wanting to keep up with the Joneses.

Although owning your own hot tub sounds appealing, it’s also important to consider the risks and drawbacks that come with owning a hot tub. We at Portabubbles have years of experience and knowledge in hot tubs, so in this blog, we outline what to consider and why we recommend hiring instead of buying, if you don’t have prior experience with hot tubs.

What to consider when owning a hot tub

1. Long term electric costs and maintenance costs

A hot tub is a bit like buying a car. You pay for the car, but you still have the cost of running the car, and repair and service costs are inevitable. Once you buy a hot tub, running it will becontributing to your electricity bill meaning increased costs. You will also need to factor in maintenance costs, such as replacing filters, test strips to monitor pH and chlorine levels,chemicals, along with upkeep and possible repairs. On top of this, you will need to regularly check the water to ensure it doesn’t get contaminated.

2. Consider how often you will really use the hot tub

In our experience, we’ve found that hot tub owners use it regularly for a month or so and then don’t use it as much after. This can be due to the novelty of owning a hot tub wearing off. Knowing it’s always there might take away the exclusivity of using a hot tub. Or perhaps hot tub owners don’t have the time to sit in the hot tub as much as they thought they would.

3. Failure to maintain the hot tub’s water can be a risk to health

It is important to know what is required to look after a hot tub, and the level of maintenance involved. Things like chlorine and other chemicals to maintain the safety of the water must be kept on top of. If the water is not kept clean via the proper maintenance, hot tub users can get seriously ill.

4. Are you willing to give up that space long term?

Once a hot tub is in, it’s there to stay. Even if you purchase an inflatable hot tub over a solid tub,it is not the most convenient to store away. Although inflatable hot tubs can be deflated, you will need to make sure it is fully dried before storing it. This can take a couple of days or more, meaning you’ll have to find a warm spot to do that, as mould and mildew will form in the hot tub if it is stored in a damp condition.

Why hire a hot tub instead?

1. Hiring means you don’t need to worry about the setup of the hot tub (or storing it away)

When hiring a hot tub, you don’t need to think about the installation of the hot tub or how to get it running, neither do you need to worry about how to store it away. Once the hire period is over, our Portabubbles team will be over to remove it safely and with minimal disruption to you!

2. Less hassle and less maintenance

You won’t have all the additional electric and maintenance costs or need to worry about your hot tub wear and tear. As long as you follow the recommended guidance (which should be communicated by the hire company to you on the day your hot tub is delivered) you’ll have a great experience. Our Portabubbles team will always make sure you’re fully equipped so that the hot tub is easy to maintain and use.

3. Hiring a hot tub feels more exclusive

A lot of our customers hire hot tubs for occasions such as birthday parties and surprises for their loved ones. We get amazing feedback on the experiences with our hot tubs, and you can hire from 3-7 days, meaning you’re more likely to make the most of it and you’ll only pay for the time you need it. It also feels more exclusive when hiring for occasions or a special treat!

4. Get more value with hiring a hot tub from Portabubbles

When hiring a hot tub, there may well be the option to elevate your hot tub experience with add-ons, which is especially handy for special occasions or treating a special someone. Portabubbles offers several tailored packages, that have been built up over the years to provide you with everything you need for your hot tub experience in the pleasure of your own home.

5. No regrets in taking up the garden space

Hiring a hot tub means you have the hot tub and any extras when you want, and it’s gone when you don’t. If you have children or pets, that extra space may be more ideal to keep!

6. Guidance for keeping hot tub water sanitised

People who purchase a hot tub with no experience in managing water will have a difficult time in keeping the water from getting contaminated without guidance. Waking up in the morning to green, smelly water is something you don’t want! Portabubbles provides you with the correct chemical kit and guidance to ensure your water is correctly treated, to keep your hot tub clean and enjoyable for everyday use.

For a premium inflatable hot tub hire service and guaranteed quality, contact Portabubbles on 07930249689 today or book online. We cover all areas of Burntwood, Cannock, Lichfield, Walsall and surrounding areas in the Midlands.

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