Frequently asked questions

How many people can your hot tubs hold?

Our hot tubs can comfortably fit 6-8 adults at one time. But we often get feedback that way more fit in! However we do ask that you respect the tubs and try not to overfill them, as this may cause damage and result in water loss.

Are the hot tubs solid or inflatable?

The hot tubs we supply are inflatable, but with a durable and sturdy dropstitch material that is ideal for outdoors.

How do you get the water into the tub?

We will require for you to have an outside tap to fill the hot tub. However we will be filling the hot tub up by connecting a hose to your inside taps. This is a much more effective and cost effective way to get your hot tub started as we are then able to fill the hot tub up with warm water instead of cold which eliminates the need for the hot tub to heat up the water for you.

Does the set up and warming of the hot tub go into my paid time?

No, we always deliver the hot tub a day or two in advance to ensure it’s ready and warm way before your paid hire starts! You are guaranteed the amount of days you book but we always try to deliver it in advance. You can choose to get it ready asap or if you just want to use it for a specific day then we will provide instructions to make sure hot tub is ready to use for that day.

Can I drink in the hot tub?

Your more than welcome to drink while in the tub but it is essential you do not spill anything into the tub as it will affect the chemical balance. Please also, where possible, refrain from taking glass into the tub.

How much space do i require for the tub?

We will require the following space for each package:

Hot tub only: 2.5m x 2.5m
Silver package: 3m x 3m
Gold package: 3m x 3m
Platinum package: 4.5m x 3m

What access is required for installation?

So long as you can get an wheely bin through that's more than enough space for us to get our equipment through. However we can still squeeze though tighter spaces if needed. If you are concerned about space or access, please get in touch before booking.

Can the Hot Tub go onto Grass?

Yes. However the area where the package will go might require time to grow back. If you are concerned about damaging your grass feel free to message and we can advise you on what to do.

Can the hot tub go on gravel or concrete?


Do I have to do anything to maintain healthy water?

Yes you will have to regularly check chemical levels. The best way to keep healthy water is to directly shower before using the hot tub. You will be supplied with the required chemicals which we will explain how to use on the day of set it up. To help keep the water clean. This is also included in the price!

How do i get my deposit back?

Your deposit is returned the day of collection after an inspection to check there is no damages. Please note any damages may make your deposit non-refundable.

How long does it take to set the hot tub up and take it away?

Hot tub only: 30-45 Minutes Silver package: 1-1.5 Hours Gold package: 1.5 - 2 Hours Platinum package: 2 hours Please note: This doesn't include filling or heating up time. We do not wait while it fills up otherwise we would not be able to fulfil other orders.

What happens if I damage the hot tub?

We will have to investigate what the reason for the damage is and advise. If found to be from misuse, you will be charged in full for any damages.

Are you insured?

Yes we carry £3 Million worth of public liability, however as per our terms and conditions we cannot be held liable for any injuries caused whilst the hot tub is in your care. Our public liability covers us against set up faults or faulty equipment.

When the hot tub is delivered, do we have to set it up?

No, we will come and set up and take down everything for you. We try not to disturb you as we understand how hectic life can be. However, we will need to go through things with you to help you understand how things work.

Best way to contact us?

Phone or WhatsApp us on 07930249689. Alternatively, you can try our Live Chat on the website!