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What to Consider When Hiring a Hot Tub

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

What to Consider When Hiring a Hot Tub

Posted on May 24, 2017 by admin

If you’ve never hired a hot tub before, there are certain things you need to bear in mind before you dive straight in. As it were. Here we’re going to run through everything you need to know, from how much time and space you’ll need to get set up, to a few of hot tub benefits you might not even have considered.

Let’s start by running through a simple checklist…

The Hot Tub Checklist: What You Will Need

  • 1 level piece of ground measuring 3m squared

  • access to a water supply

  • access to a standard power supply (13 amp)

And that’s it! We will handle the rest. It couldn’t be simpler.

Setting Up your Hot Tub

Once we’ve delivered your hot tub and set it down in your garden, yard or other recreational communal area, we will then begin to fill it with water, adding the necessary chemicals. Once we’ve added the chlorine, we will guide you clearly through the following steps, making absolutely sure that you’re totally comfortable with the process of filling and heating the tub. We will of course, also provide you with a very simple written guide.

  • Connect your garden hose to your water source and start filling your hot tub

  • Stop two inches from the top of the tub

  • Connect your RCD plug and press the reset button (RCD stands for residual-current device and it’s built into your hot tub to guard against electrical problems)

  • Then press the JET button 3 times to bleed the system of air, leaving the jets set to a low speed

  • Press WARM until the water temperature readout is at 40 degrees

  • Finally, cover the hot tub until it reaches the desired temperature. Depending on the temperature outside, this can take anywhere from 8 to 48 hours. Or if you can’t wait that long…

Save Time with the Hot Fill Option

Where possible we will always try and connect a hose to your inside tap. This enables the hot tub to be ready much faster as it means we can fill the hot tub up with warm water instead of filling with cold and waiting for the hot tub to heat up. Once the hot tub is full you will easily be able to detach the connection and use your inside tap as usual.

What else is worth considering?

If you’re still not one hundred per cent sold on the idea of hiring a hot tub — maybe it still seems a little extravagant for you — you might want to consider the many potential health benefits involved.

For example, aside from the enormous pleasure of doing something hugely sociable and fun, you also have the added bonus of feeling like you’ve been given an all-over body massage and then going to bed and sleeping like a baby. For more information on the physical benefits of hiring of hot tub, click here. To arrange for one to be delivered immediately in Lichfield, Staffordshire or anywhere in the West Midlands, give us a call at Portasbubbles on 07930 249 689.

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Unknown member
Sep 26, 2019

had the platinum package for my husbands surprise birthday party, couldn't fault portabubbles fast service quick set up, and everything cleaned down when they came to collect, we had a fantastic time using the hot tub will definitely be using this company again. Would recommend anyone wanting to hire a hot tub to get in touch with theses guys.

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