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The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Having a Hot Tub in Your Life

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Most people who hire hot tubs for the first time do so for social reasons. More often than not, they’ve tried hot tubs before on holiday or at a friend’s party and therefore they know how much fun it can be. So, they don’t have much more in mind than maybe inviting a few friends over and spending a few long evenings relaxing, drinking a bottle of bubbly or two and pretending they’re Greek gods for a while. It’s only once people have already hired a hot tub that they start to realise that there are also lots more benefits besides having a great time with your closest friends.

The Benefits to Health and Well-Being

The fact is that as well as a great way to have fun and socialise with friends (which is of course also good for your general well-being), hot tubs are a fantastic way to relax. And not just relax like you might in front of the TV for half an hour, but relax how you might if you went to a spa and had a massage, or how you might relax if you meditated for an hour.

Spending time in a hot tub has been shown to help people relax in a really quite profound way. Despite the fact that all of us, no matter what we do, get stressed and wound up, few of us are disciplined enough to find the time in our daily lives to clear our minds, properly switch off and recharge our batteries. Hiring a hot tub is the perfect way to do precisely that without it feeling like a chore.

Regular hot tub use helps in the following ways:

  • The warm water relaxes your body. Hot tub users report that they can feel their physical stress melting away.

  • The jets of water massage your muscles. As well as revitalising your tired skin, the variable-pressure water jets can soothe your stressed muscles so that you feel like you’ve just spent half an hour with a professional masseur.

  • The fresh air allows you to clear your head and forget about all your daily stresses and strains. Whether you’re socialising with friends and family, or just having a quiet relaxing dip on your own, spending time outdoors in a hot tub feels like being on holiday. It takes you away from your everyday life and gives you time to think or chat and simply empty your brain and float away.

  • Relaxing in the warm water of a hot tub has also been shown to improve sleep. The heat expands the blood vessels and improves circulation throughout the body, which in turn reduces any muscular pains and aches you might have. When you get out of the hot tub, having been fully immersed and fully relaxed, your body begins to cool down and instinctively prepares for sleep. Many regular hot tub users who are prone to insomnia claim that regular sessions in a hot tub massively improve their sleeping habits.

  • It’s much cheaper and much more convenient than going on a spa holiday somewhere.

Have we tempted you?

For all your hot tub hire or hot tub rental needs in Staffordshire, Lichfield and throughout the West Midlands, give us a call at Hot Tubs Delivered on 07930 249 689. It’s time you dipped in!

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